About Poptropica

 If you have never heard of poptropica.com, today you will! Well first you tipe in the website, poptropica.com. Second, you have to click new player. Next you create an avitar,if you don't like the avitars name you just click on the name card and then click, change all (all names will be silly for example, Happy Toe.) Simple change am I right? Then you click the big balloon and choose where on the map you want to go but I would choose Early Poptropica for starters. Once you finish one island, you earn a medalian and one-hundred coins. To spend coins you go to the store,but to get to the store you click on the yellow star in the right hand corner. When you first click it your medalians will show up, all you have to do to get to the store now is click the tab at the top of the medalian page that says store. But everything at the top is more than 100 coins so look at the bottom. To get the stuff at the top you have to save your money.
So hurry up and go to poptropica today this help sheet will guide you most of the way!